No need to worry about a regular commitment - even a spare half an hour could see you helping someone to keep their Doctor’s appointment, visit the Dentist or Post Office or collect some shopping.

Lightwater Care needs volunteers of all ages and abilities living in Lightwater.

If you can drive or are able to answer a telephone, Lightwater Care would like to hear from you as soon as possible.

Help out by:

  • being a volunteer driver
  • being a Duty Officer (as little as 2 hours a month)
  • being a standby driver or Duty Officer (holiday/sickness cover)

To discuss how you can help - please call Sue Rackham on 01276 473944

As little as an hour or two a month will be of enormous benefit to the local community and help ensure this much needed service continues. 

Our volunteer drivers are reimbursed mileage at £0.45p per mile (plus a passenger payment of £0.05p) for any journeys made.

Contact Information

Contact Information